Fundatia Friends for Friends


FFFF is a foundation that gathers people passionate about creativity, with expertise and skills that are inspiring. Their most important projects promote narrative journalism and creative writing about people, events and real moments, believing that the power of words influences the relations between us and generates change in our society.

The foundation had a lot of projects and presenting them to users was hard, so a clear distinction had to be made between them. Some events had yearly editions, making navigation even more complex for users. We suggested a card-based user interface, adaptable to all screen sizes and than provided the low fidelity mock-ups. We implemented the final design integrating WordPress in order to make it user friendly.


The client had a large number of projects that needed to be separated and make them more visible to users. An other request made by the client was to be able to add and edit each section on every page so we build the website using a customized drag&drop page builder.


  • We had to use an approach that can accommodate the large multi-level menu on smaller screens.
  • As the main projects/events had previous editions we had to make a mini-site for each edition.
  • Sketching a clean website that accommodates a lot of content was a tricky balancing act to pull off. We suggested to present the complex content in a card-base layout in order to summarize information and also fit nicely on the page.


Structure heavy content. Organize content, creating a strong visual hierarchy and making a clearer distinction between projects.

Content migration. The old website had large amount of data that had to be migrated.

Integration with external app. The client had an external app for submitting moderating and scoring press articles that was integrated with the website in a easy to use manner.