Amural 2015 – 2016


Amural is the first festival dedicated to contemporary visual arts in Romania. The event consist on the latest urban art form of video-mapping software (3D projections), along with confirmed arts such as illustration, photography, graphic design, film and animation.

The team chose to make a very powerful and visual engaging video and wanted to function as a “background” for the entire website. So we had to find ways to display content without creating an overwhelming feeling.


Our scope was to give the website a modern and minimalist look, engage artists into reach out and promote their work and also keep festival participants up to date on each day activities.


Visual engaging video. The video background design is a very effective method to grab attention especially as the festival is dedicated to contemporary visual arts.

Clean minimalist look. The site has a really easy navigation, concise and well structured content and pretty straight forward event structure.

Focus attention on content. While a video background is very effective in capture visitors attention a challenge was to focus attention to page content and make it easy to read.


Some of the solutions were: add an overlay to help distinguish the text, use text shadows, offer a pause button for users who’d rather pause or mute the video.