GlobalFocus is an international, independent think thank which produces in-depth research and high quality analysis on foreign policy, security and development.

Their purpose is to advance expertise by functioning as a platform for cooperation and dialogue among individual experts, NGOs and public institutions from Romania and foreign partners.

Our objective was the website redesign focusing on information architecture, the site was also acting as a content directory for all of their papers, research and articles.

The team already had a concept regarding the main functionalities and we based the solution on top of it.


Hence the nature of their business we had to overcome the large amount of content, so we started sorting it and making clear distinctions between the main categories of publications but also guide users through the latest project.


Creating a good information architecture. Sort all the papers, research and articles. Finding a way to showcase information archives, and recent work.

Focus attention on clients latest project. One of the site goals was to focus users attention to the newest projects: Romanian expertise database. So while structuring the content we give this special project a section on the homepage with a related link to the in-depth informations.


Clean minimalist look. The team had already a few wire-frames so we tried to simplify the layout and create a clean minimalist look and feel.

Build flat icon pack. In order to maintain the same style we created a unique, flat and minimalist icon set.