Websites, Web apps & APIs

GetReal is an online platform for sharing sport events and clubs. Members can plan and set up events, invite participants but also can participate in events organised by clubs.

The app allows users to host any type of sport, has an easy registration, scheduling and payment process.

The request was for a responsive web application with APIs for iOS & Android native apps and a full branding project, including logo redesign, print templates and creating a web style guide.

The platform had a lot of features so the project was divided in multiple steps to ensure proper attention to each functionality.


The request was for an intuitive and easy to use application that helps users organise and manage events with maps, availability and with a friendly admin panel.

Plus, the app has options to collect online payments, to edit events and to watch in your admin panel future events listed inside a calendar.


Some features were difficult to integrate on a small devices, for example we had to find a smooth way to switch between the map showing the event location and the section offering the additional information about the event.

Simplifying the interface and figuring out how to display controls without limiting the app’s functionality.

Creating a user-friendly dashboard and finding the balance between having a user-centric layout and a dashboard that performs well and helps users understand and manage information.

Designing, developing and documenting APIs for native iOS and Android apps with the same functionality as the web app.


Clean look. The platform has a really easy navigation, well structured content and pretty straight forward login and register options.

Good usability. When building the app we had in mind a clear user experience for visitors that easily allows them to add, edit or delete events or clubs.

Online payments. Each club pays a yearly subscription so that it can use the platform. PayPal was selected as the online payment provider.

Integration with native apps. APIs were designed and developed by our team to cover all of the web app’s functionality. This was easily enabled by using modern software architecture principles, standards and tools (Postman app and docs).