Websites, Web apps & APIs

JUSTPRINT is a leading, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly local print solution for companies providing supplies, equipment and maintenance for printers.


They contacted us about a unique reporting app that allowed both them and their customers to track and better estimate the requirements and costs of printing services.


An e-commerce web application which allowed customers to track each printer’s efficiency and costs, integrated with a responsive website. The app should allow customers to organize printers by company departments, link ordered products to a specific printer and see usage reports by printer and department.


  • Choosing an e-commerce platform that has the required flexibility to accommodate the project’s custom requirements.
  • Integrating the orders and invoices with SAGA accounting software.
  • Linking each ordered product to a printer from the customer’s inventory.
  • Creating a good experience and consistent look across the website and e-commerce area.


Both web app and shopping cart. We choose WooCommerce as the base e-commerce platform because it provided the required flexibility and implemented a custom plugin to define and integrate the customized, business-specific structures.

Good usability. When building the app & portal we had in mind a clear user experience without confusing or overwhelming visitors, providing them clear and easy to understand navigation and manage actions.

Clear and consistent design. The design is clean presenting information in a simple and digestible form and has a focus on communicating a high level of service. Also the website needed to integrate visually with the store where people could purchase printers and supplies.